The Dangers of Falling in Love


I can describe this lovely feeling

But never, not in time

It conceals itself for a reason

But rages without rhyme


Like blood-let falling

In outbursting flames

Behind deep ocean’s roaring

It dispels all my shames


Oh the romantic hero!

Is but one tiny little drop!

Against his boiling feelings

Who knows when it’ll stop?


He could render a suicide

Or end up with a bomb

What a crazy man to decide!

Love must’ve made him dumb!


Thus my friends!

If friends are not in-love and dumb too

This is a tale of madness

A tragedy for two!


For the danger of falling in love:

Pierces so many fragile hearts

Makes two lonely people lonelier

Alone in their “forever never apart”


But love tears away forever

In time it sways away

So too its precious fevers

For these dangers are the only way


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