The Face of the End


Wars remain inside us

A story behind bars

The destitute of the fallen

Life’s showcase of mortal scars


The endpoint of the story

–  is the freedom of the free

But chains remain invisible

The oppressed ones rarely see


Ah the skirmish rages!

The blind shall forever un-see

The view of all unfreedom

Oh forefront of ideology!


The apocalypse of abuses

– is the abomination of the wild

Lies slain the sorry innocent

The emperor – revealed by the child!


The scars indeed are glaring

Life opens its misery

The promise of love has broken

All hopeful dynasties!


For in the end, the hero rejoices

But in tears, the cries do not mend

All joy is but happy sorrowing

There is no recompense!


One vision evokes dystopia

The view – a clichéd trite

The Ecology of Freedom detested

Life seems but a lonely spite


Is this not a tristesse uprising?

“The sojourn towards the end”

Breaths of life can’t catch us

Air pants a desperate fend


The face of the end is upon us!

What plan can divine us now?

Will the God-struck live forever

The question remains: how?


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