Ever Ancient, Ever New*

In you I see the glory

Sunup, sundown, since birth

Oh I think I’ve found the answer

My new heaven, my new earth!


From highest on high, O immortal

Life dawns its brightest day

The beginning of time expectant

No end stands on your way


Exuberant is the soulful

A longing in long streams

Not in rivulets craves the hopeful

But to Light in golden beams


O Omnipresent savior

You are the beck and call

The Old is ever thankful

They’ve pledge to you their all


Pulchritudo tam antiqua et tam nova!

Love seeks you then and again

Thy Beauty ever-radiant

How late did I comprehend!


Now not too late I reckon

This is the dawn; its rays

Love shown in vigorous beacon

Gold shatters every grays


So old and yet refreshing

Love lives in everyday

The beauty of peace is eternal

So hoary and yet I still pray


* From Augustine’s Confessions Book X, Chapter 27


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