The Angelic amongst us

The sky was drizzling one afternoon at 4:55. I have yet to buy something in Divisoria, a place where I can hardly go on my own but also where my friends told me to go in search of what I am looking for. But I had to rush, not because of the drizzle, but because I still have to go back in the seminary at strictly 6 for a Spiritual Director’s Conference. I had a friend with me, who also barely knew the place, so it took us time to find the transferred location of the jeeps bound for Divisoria. Fortunately we found it and a jeep is about to leave with three seats more to go, announced the operator. My mind went in adrenaline to decide fast if I should go or not, knowing that it would be the last opportunity for me to go there given the activities for that week, but also with the risk of being late: considering rush hour, the time to search the item and the duration of the transportation. Meanwhile, a beautiful lady in white went ahead of us to occupy the first of the last three seats. With full trust, I decided to go.

Surely, the traffic went on, cutting most of the remaining time, and not knowing where the place anymore, I had to pray for guidance. When the lady exited the jeep, I felt the instinct that I just had to follow. My friend noticed my seemingly stalking gaze at her, but I know that if fixed my sight to her, we will arrive at the destination. It was quite a distanced walk, yet finally we arrived. It was only then when I realized, with so many people, that I lost her. I got what I was looking for, went back for the conference a bit late for a minute or two, but smiled at the experience.

Our Catechism quotes St. Augustine saying: “‘Angel’ is the name of their office, not of their nature (CCC 329)”. An angel is, not because of what it really is, but of what it does – it serves God in accomplishing his plans. Metaphorically, it is not therefore about a “spirit” guiding us always; it may be a person, regardless of what he or she is, who becomes an instrument of a higher plan, leading us, protecting us, and making us aware of people who are angelic among us.


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