The way we write

“The way we write” – Is it possible, that with the ascent of the mind and the caricatures it swindles on us, we manifest any other reality that sways away with life, love, and the bountiful emotions of the heart? It would be pretentious if we write regardless of whatever we feel and deny the presuppositions that life mysteriously bestows on us. However, no matter how great the inspiration may be and no matter how raging the passions burning ever hotter in us, our language, our speech, and our tongues cannot fully manifest whatever it is that disturb us. For if the mind is disturbed by the inspirations and emotions it took, the way we write neutralizes everything to make what is disturbed in order, and so that, to make it appear presentable, these inspirations and emotions slowly subside and eventually vanish at the moment of writing. Some however find the inspiration during writing, and gradually boost the flame of its passion. Some find them in the end, leaving the duty to revise or even to rewrite its core theme. If therefore our writings’ style and objectivity depend upon the temporality that sparks on us at any time there is in the moment of writing, we are still never certain how long can that style and objectivity last in the mortality of ideas. Ideas die when we lose our inspirations for them, and we lose every passionate resolve to resuscitate them once more. The measure of the way we write determines our receptive ability, that is, of how much accommodation can we give for the disturbance of our minds and our hearts, but also to our resurrecting instinct on how an idea can be rejuvenated ever again in the domain of our precious mortality. Our imagination urges us to clear the ground and find the words in existence, in our experiences, in our aspirations, and in our feelings. The way we end it propels us to write more, for as long as we eagerly wait for such disturbance, our task will never end.


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