Life is for the Adults

“Life is for the adults” – How can I not think over it? Life is for the most part to live the adulthood way. It is to give way to the responsibilities that has now come to play as one’s role in the many areas of itself. But psychologically, it is also to heal one’s childhood issues, whether to soothe it in tolerance and in a much higher degree, or to repair its hang-ups and take them into the new role of becoming adult. To be a child is to be good at one thing: the innocence not to do much adventure without sacrificing adventure itself. It is to learn how to play with life the fair way – and probably, the simplest way there is. But in adulthood, where life has taken its fairness into an experience of guilt – from one’s past mistakes, unresolved issues, etc. – one must have felt the need to heal this guilt and would necessarily spend the whole of life to ease this. But what did a mere mistake of a child ever do to sacrifice his whole life into this stage of adulthood, a stage of reclaiming the innocence before such mistake?


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