Perfect timings


Things which testify to what we call fate or destiny are not new. Some experiences even show us how they surprisingly make us wonder if there is any. For the unconscious spectator or the attentive thinker, the non-explainable phenomena still fascinate an obfuscating effect: we cannot really trace how coinciding events take place outside our power. On a positive note, this may be an assurance that there could be an amazing link sustaining our relationships, lest we forget the persons who play a special role in our lives. Never minding our busy occupations and determined timelines, these apparently contingent events abruptly pop up and make us realize, no matter how we treat them as insignificant or fortuitous, that we should never ever forget what’s left of the word magical in this world. All it takes sometimes is to follow the necessity of a hunch.

Try to imagine this psychological assertion: the person whom you are missing is also missing you almost at that very moment. Let’s say that you have long been separated with a person. And you may be doing something important, but this strange and somewhat unavoidable (almost necessary) feeling tells you to contact that person. And your inability to do so shouldn’t even be a problem at all, because the other person receives the same hunch and you’ll just find out from a totally silent void that there’s already a beep in your inbox. And not just from any other person but to that exact one person you are missing. Another instance is outside psychological tenets. Let’s say that in an unimaginable fashion, the same hunch hits you totally out of nowhere in some seemingly insignificant date you are not aware of but actually is timely to that person. You might just happen to message on that particular unknown date and then all of a sudden you realize that it’s a special day for that someone, whether its a birthday or a commemoration of something – so you start to wonder if the hunch really was something necessary. It doesn’t tell you what’s the point: you will only find out when you act on it.

I’m not saying that all hunches should be acted upon. Not all instincts are safe, and I meant the opposite of deadly. What I am only saying is that the openness to these events conjure a certain belief in perfect timings. Some signs are not comprehensible to us but surely, the lessons that they portray are always products of complexities in a mysterious undertaking our limited understanding cannot wholly imagine. It’s a defeating and at the same time an exciting fact.

However, the thrill shouldn’t make us blind of the traps around perfect timings. For it could be that either there is a fuller meaning to the encounter afterwards or someone is just plotting against you. It could even be that the experience can make one conclude that the timing is something divinely fated – that it is already the end of the line. All roads might end at the dawning of the moment when the perfect timing happens. That is why the only resolution to this decisive factor of interpreting the immaculately strategized encounter is to take risks.

It is already rigid to live in an over-regulated world which do not even seem to make it much better. It might be opportune to acknowledge some room for a discerning action. The quality of discernment and action that comes up depends upon the quality of risk asserted in the injunction of our choice. So of course it’s an open universe and anything can happen. But we cannot exhaust all its openness, much less rely only in its radical timings. The constitution of a perfect timing engages the personality of each one that leaves the mark of a choice. It is the whole person involved in the encounter and in the succeeding encounters to come.

But what does this further connote? It also welcomes the possibility that there might be, in an anti-romantic sense, no perfect timing at all. The coincidental fact may just have been totally random and any marvel once engaged may just be a fictitious rumination created by our causal biases. In this level of interrogation, the perfection of the timing loses its attraction and the open universe once again reclaims its radical openness the moment it dispels the magic of itself. Under this broken spell, the only hope would only rest on a promise of remembrance, when time would reopen a different kind of perfection where chance elevates itself as a ‘parallel-universe’ cause: when the temporal reality forges a short-lived momentary link in each one’s memory of the other. A flashback or even a prophetic glimpse extracted from the trajectory of one’s desires would be enough. For under the guise of their hidden causes, actions thrive to quench the curiosity of the will, to grapple with an inner mystery only reality can verify. This blank and dark openness of the universe creates a lot of room for unstable causes – and perfect timings function precisely in that realm.


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